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Residential Projects

MicroConcrete is our continuous decorative concrete surface.


In this gallery you'll find examples of bespoke concrete counters, floors and wall surfaces using our MicroConcrete in various colors and surface textures.


See how the MicroConcrete process works in our examples and images below.

Commercial Projects

The Heineken Green Room Bar at

The Royal Albert Hall, London.


Our most prestigious commission to date. Here at the Royal Albert Hall we were asked to update an existing bar top with our MicroConcrete surface. The curved bar was over 19m long.


The new bar fronts, signage and lighting were also supplied and installed by our own joinery, Mortise Furniture Makers.



How MicroConcrete Works

MicroConcrete is a continuous decorative coating which allows us to cover large surfaces of floors, walls and ceilings without any joints.


MicroConcrete can be applied indoors, outdoors, on damp surfaces, swimming pools and high foot traffic areas.


MicroConcrete is trowel applied by hand in layers to a final thickness of 2 or 3mm.


Please contact us now to learn more about our MicroConcrete flooring and wall surfaces.

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